Product Updates

BlindShell Updates

Welcome to the exciting world of BlindShell accessible cell phones, where you can experience communication with no limits. If you’re already a BlindShell user, thank you for the opportunity to play an integral role in your daily communications. If you’re still considering a BlindShell Classic 2 accessible cell phone, there’s no better time to come onboard. Physical keypad, tactile buttons, voiceover, voice dictation, color indicator, sms text messaging, email, WhatsApp, and so much more.

From time-to-time, we release updated software to provide users with a host of new capabilities and an unparallel experience. Furthermore, our team of developers are tirelessly working to expand the BlindShell Library App (apps) with the new and exciting applications that will continue to foster greater independence. Exciting times!

May 2022 Software Updates:

Document Reader:
This application allows users to read documents in PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint presentations, Rich Text format and TXT formats. Users can read documents sequentially or navigate in the text in a way similar to our web browser. Searching is also supported. The app will be integrated within the BlindShell ecosystem and allow users to open a document from a website, web browser, E-mail attachments, or files sent by third-party applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger etc. It can also read documents manually copied to the internal storage or SD card from a computer.

Video Camera:
The video camera application can now record video using the phone's built in camera. Recorded videos can also be shared via email or third-party applications.

Video Player:
The video player allows users to play videos. All standard formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV are fully supported. Video files can be recorded by the camera app, downloaded from the web browser, sent via email or a third party application like Whatsapp. Users can also choose if they prefer landscape or portrait orientation of the video on the screen.

Step Counter:
Step Counter is an application for tracking daily activities (steps, distance, movement, and calories). User can also retrieve history and statistics. Once enabled, the step counter counts the steps automatically all day, in the background.