Using BARD mobile app on the BlindShell Classic 2

Download the BARD mobile app from the App Catalog.

Once downloaded, you will find the BARD mobile app under Books.

Open the BARD mobile app and agree to the NLS disclaimers.

Sign in using your BARD username and password.

NOTE: If you don’t have a BARD account, please click here and complete the neccessary account setup/registration for NLS services.

Once signed in, you will hear options like Book Shelf, Get Books, Wish List, Recently Added to BARD, Most Popular Books, Browse Magazines and Previous Downloads.

To download a book, click OK on Get Books.

For example, click OK on Most Popular Books.

You will hear Navigate Up, at this point use the lower navigation bar and scroll down to Audio Books and click OK.

Again, you will hear Navigate up so use the lower navigation bar to scroll down, you will hear Audio Books 25 which means you are being shown the first 25 books in this category.

Keep scrolling down and you will get to the list of books. You will get the title, author and length of the book. Click OK on the title and you will be asked if you want to download the book to internal or external storage. If you have an SD card you can select external storage.

Scroll down until you hear Audio Books. It will say double tap to download to the selected folder.

The download will begin, and it is remarkably fast.

You will then find the book in your Book Shelf.

Go to your Book Shelf, click OK and click on the book you downloaded and follow the prompts to play the book.

You can also click OK on the More Info button and get a description of the book and download it here as well.

Downloading magazines works the same way.

Tip: Whenever you hear Navigate Up scroll down to get to the options.

Tip: If you use BARD on another device click OK on Previous Downloads and you will find a list of the books you have downloaded on other devices using the same username and password.