BlindShell Classic 2 + ARxVision

Capturing the world around you through audio. Introducing next generation connectivity. ARx Vision plus BlindShell Classi 2. Young lady wearing an ARx Vision device connected to her Blindshell Classic 2 accessible cell phone while receiving audio details about the beautiful flowers inside the florist.

Introducing the BlindShell Classic 2 + ARxVision

Adding Another Choice to the BlindShell Classic 2


BlindShell is committed to providing phones with the maximum benefit for individuals living with sight loss. As industry leaders, we’re partnering to bring useful tools to people who are blind or have low vision, supporting their autonomy, empowerment and independence. We’re excited to announce the launch of the ARxVision wearable device and app for the BlindShell Classic 2.

What is ARxVision?

ARxVision is a wearable device that captures the world around you through audio, making information more accessible, while empowering individuals with vision impairments or other disabilities. ARxVision allows users to read, recognize faces and products, and navigate their environment more independently and confidently.

BlindShell Classic 2

ARxVision Bone-Conducting Headset

At the heart of the ARxVision headset and app is a powerful AI system that is able to analyze and understand the environment in real-time. Using a combination of cameras, sensors, and advanced computer vision algorithms, the headset can provide detailed descriptions of surroundings; it can scan and read books, letters, and handwritten notes, as well as street numbers and storefronts. It can help recognize people, search for objects and scan QR-codes.

ARx is a lightweight bone-conduction audio headset equipped with a matchbox-sized camera module that does not cover the wearer’s face. The headset connects directly to the Blindshell Classic 2 accessible cell phone through the USB-C connection for effortless use. In addition, the headset features tactile buttons and a microphone, allowing for a seamless hands-free experience.


Learning to use ARx is easy, thanks to an active community and various interactive onboarding tutorials. In addition, exciting new features and updates will be regularly rolled out to enhance the user experience, such as an artwork descriptor for art exhibits and more. 


The BlindShell Classic 2 plus ARxVision is the perfect combination for individuals who have a visual impairement or other disabilities, and looking for visual interpretation services. Learn more about ARxVision.

Middle age woman using her ARxVision toether with a BlindShell Classic 2. Meet the BlindShell Classic 2 + ARx Vision.