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Introducing the BlindShell Classic 2 Freedom:
Empowering Veterans with Accessible Communication

At BlindShell USA, we recognize the daily challenges that individuals diagnosed with macular degeneration and other visual impairment conditions encounter when attempting to carry out daily tasks.

Introducing the BlindShell Classic 2 Freedom accessible cell phone—a groundbreaking solution tailored for Veterans living with varying degrees of visual impairment. The BlindShell Classic 2 Freedom stands as an intuitive multi-purpose device, boasting a physical keypad, tactile buttons, streamlined menu navigation, voice commands, voice dictation, and compatibility with mainstream applications like Alexa, Aira, BARD, Google Lookout, Spotify, Zoom, and more.

Are you aware that a considerable number of your Veterans are eligible for free monthly wireless service? Qualifying individuals who are already beneficiaries of programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit, WIC, and others, can avail themselves of free monthly wireless services. Learn more about our free monthly wireless program and how your Veterans can benefit from this federally funded program.

BlindShell Classic 2 Freedom

Accessible features you'll enjoy using.

Experience the groundbreaking features of the BlindShell Classic 2 Freedom, a cell phone designed specifically to enhance the lives of individuals with visual impairments (low vision and blind). This revolutionary device allows users to choose their preferred mode of communication, fostering greater independence and ensuring seamless connectivity.

Popular Applications Available on The BlindShell Classic 2

I am a Veteran. How do I get a BlindShell Classic 2 FREEDOM?

If you are a Veteran, you may qualify for a BlindShell Classic 2 FREEDOM accessible cell phone through your local VA at no cost to you. Please contact your local Visual Impairment Service Team Coordinator (VIST) to learn more.

Introducing Free Monthly Wireless
for your Veterans.

At BlindShell USA, we understand the importance of staying connected, which is why we are thrilled to offer our Free Monthly Wireless promotional plan. This unique program ensures that your Veterans have the FREEDOM to communicate without worrying about an additional wireless bill.

Program is open to any qualifying individual regardless of the wireless device they are using.

Program Highlights:

Free Monthly Data: Enjoy a generous 5GB data allowance every month, enabling you to browse the internet, send emails, and connect with others.

Unlimited Text Messages: Send and receive unlimited text messages to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.

Affordable Voice Calls: Unlimited talk with seamless communication whenever you need it.

No Contract, No Hassle: Our Free Monthly Wireless program comes with no contracts or hidden fees, giving you complete flexibility and peace of mind.

*Individuals must qualify for service

What makes a BlindShell a BlindShell?

Tactile buttons and keypad

Combined, the tactile buttons and physical keypad make the BlindShell Classic 2 accessible and straightforward to use, enabling individuals with visual impairments to efficiently operate the phone without relying on a touchscreen or visual elements.

Customizable SOS button

The customizable SOS button on the BlindShell Classic 2 gives users peace of mind, knowing that help is just a press away, making it an essential safety feature for individuals who may require immediate support during an emergency situation.

Physical headphone jack

The inclusion of a physical headphone jack on the BlindShell Classic 2 enhances the device's accessibility, versatility, and reliability, making it a user-friendly and practical choice for individuals seeking a straightforward audio connectivity solution.

The BlindShell Classic 2 Freedom incorporates
accessibility features that improve daily living

Large buttons

Enjoy seamless navigation with our tactile buttons and a large physical buttons for simple dialing. Bid farewell to touchscreens and welcome a hassle-free interface that enhances both accessibility and usability..

Menu navigation

Navigate with intuitive menus. No need for swiping or tapping, when you can effortlessly scroll through the menus and begin communicating in no time. Save your favorites with instant access to your frequently used apps and features.

Voice controls

Perform various tasks using voice commands and voice dictation. By speaking specific commands, users can make calls, send text messages, access apps, and perform other actions without the need for physical interaction.

BlueTooth capabilities

Seamless connectivity with the BlindShell Classic 2 as you pair your Bluetooth headphones and wireless keyboard. Stream audio without any hassle and indulge in the convenience of hands-free calling. Stay connected and maintain control with the versatile Bluetooth capabilities of the BlindShell Classic 2.

Replaceable battery

Equipped with a replaceable lithium-ion battery that offers an impressive standby time of up to 96 hours. Enjoy the convenience of extended battery life, ensuring that your device stays powered for extended periods without the need for frequent charging.

Low vision aids

The BlindShell Classic 2 cell phone for the blind offers a comprehensive suite of low vision aids. Take advantage of features such as the digital magnifier, color identifier, and apps like Aira, Google Lookout and more.

What's included with your BlindShell Classic 2 FREEDOM

Photo of what's included with your BlindShell Classic 2. BlindShell Classic 2, Lithium-ion removeable battery, wall adapter with USB-C cord, Earbud headphones, lanyard, and 3x NFC labels.



  • Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery
  • BlindShell Desktop Charging Cradle (black)
  • 3x BlindShell NFC Tags for personal customization
  • Earbud style headphones
  • USB-C Charging cable with wall outlet adapter
  • BlindShell branded lanyard
  • BlindShell Classic 2 QuickStart Guide
  • BlindShell User Manual
  • BlindShell Classic 2 Premium Case with flip cover
  • Extended 2-year warranty (3-year total warranty)
  • Dedicated FREEDOM technical support
Photo of a BlindShell Classic 2 Cardinal Red rectangular box packaging.

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