ScripTalk on the BlindShell Classic 2

Introducing ScripTalk for the
BlindShell Classic 2 Accessible Cell Phone

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Introducing ScripTalk for the
BlindShell Classic 2

Introducing ScripTalk mobile app for the BlindShell Classic 2.

The ScripTalk Mobile App is Now Available on Blindshell Classic 2

The popular ScripTalk Mobile App is now available on the BlindShell Classic 2. This addition will allow the BlindShell Classic 2, a multi-purpose accessible cell phone, to read ScripTalk Talking Labels available at no cost at thousands of participating pharmacies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

What is ScripTalk?

ScripTalk is a small electronic label placed onto the prescription medication by a pharmacist, typically on the bottom of the bottle. That tag has been programmed with all the prescription label information, including medication name, dosage, instructions, warnings and more.

By holding the tag up to the back of a BlindShell phone, the patient can now hear all the label information out loud through the app. A ScripTalk Station Reader is also available free on loan for patients who prefer not to use an app.

“We’re happy to expand the availability of the ScripTalk into BlindShell products,” says David Raistrick, President of En-Vision America. “Our mission is to improve medication safety and independence. BlindShell has a growing user base, and we want to give these patients peace of mind when it comes to medication safety.”

How to Get Started with ScripTalk

The ScripTalk Mobile App is already available inside the BlindShell Classic 2. Call En-Vision America at 1-800-890-1180 or click here to look up participating pharmacies in your area.

Once you select a participating pharmacy, contact them and request the ScripTalk Talking Labels. Alternatively, you can contact En-Vision America and their Patience Care Advocate team will do the legwork to get you started. If the pharmacy you work with is not a participating pharmacy, contact En-Vision America and their sales team will educate the pharmacy team about ScripTalk Talking Labels.

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For additional ScripTalk support call 800-890-1180 or visit

Accessible medication delivered right to your door

Experience convenience and accessibility like never before with Accessible Pharmacy Services. Say goodbye to pharmacy runs! We bring your prescribed medications right to your doorstep. What's more? ScripTalk labels seamlessly integrate with your BlindShell Classic 2, providing crystal-clear, audible information about your medication. Rest easy knowing you can manage your prescriptions effortlessly with Accessible Pharmacy's commitment to enhancing your healthcare experience.

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Photo of a BlindShell Classic 2 together with prescription bottles with ScripTalk RFID label.