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We love our buttons. BlindShell Classic 2. Accessible cell phone with physical key pad, tactile buttons, voice control, large display, sleek design, and much more.
We're breaking barriers. Justin Bishop, Professional Blind Skateboarder talking on a BlindShell Classic 2 accessible cell phone. Now with Aira, Alexa, Google Lookout, WhatsApp, and much more. Learn more.

Meet The BlindShell Classic 2 Accessible Cell Phone

Do you need a SIM Card?

In the USA, BlindShell Cell Phones are compatible with the T-Mobile network. All phones are unlocked.

Time Saving Features

Voice Control

Our best mobile phone BlindShell Classic can be controlled not only by buttons but also by voice. We developed a set of commands that make controlling the phone very easy. 

BlindShell Classic Cell Phone come with an object tagging feature that allow you to tag your favorite every day household items and more.

NFC Tagging

Do you have trouble distinguishing objects with the same shape? Toothpaste or face cream, can of corn or can of peas? The object tagging feature will help you resolve these situations.

BlindShell Classic Cell Phones feature a programable SOS button on the back of the phone.

SOS Button

If you find yourself in a situation where you need quick help from someone else, you can use the SOS emergency button. Pressing the button for at least 3 seconds will call your emergency contact. (This can be set to whichever contact or number you want). This is a great feature that can save a life!


Simple. Secure. Reliable messaging.
With WhatsApp, you'll get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free*, available on phones all over the world.* Data charges may apply.

Google Lookout

With Lookout, you can get details about objects, images, and text around you. Lookout uses the camera and sensors on your BlindShell Classic 2 device to recognize objects and text, and tells you what it finds.


Aira is a visual interpreting service. Live, on-demand access to visual information. It’s an accommodation or productivity tool that connects you to actual humans to simplify your daily life. Learn more about Aira.


Alexa is the intelligent cloud-based voice AI that you can talk to on your Blindshell Classic 2. Speak to Alexa through your BlindShell Classic 2 to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more. Alexa lives in the cloud, so Alexa is always getting smarter, adding new capabilities that are delivered to your device automatically.


Now available in the BlindShell App Library.

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Talking Points is a bi-weekly livestream where you can learn everything about the BlindShell Classic 2 accessible phone, meet other BlindShell users, ask questions, discover tips and tricks, explore your favorite applications, learn every day hacks to help streamline your communication skills, and much more.


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BlindShell USA Hits The Airwaves with Blind Abilities Podcast


The BlindShell Accessible Cell Phone with Tactile Buttons is Growing to Meet the Needs of the Blind and Visually Impaired. Yes, Tactile Buttons on a Smart Phone!  Did we mention Aira? Yup, Aira!


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"The BlindShell Classic 2 is the best thing since sliced bread.
It has opened a world to me that I never thought I could use.
It is easy and convenient".

Charles B., Maryland

What Makes BlindShell Cell Phones Unique?

BlindShell cell phones are developed in cooperation with the blind and visually impaired community

to ensure all phones provide the maximum benefit for indviduals living with sight loss.

Superior Design

Designed by individuals from the sight loss community for maximum functionality and performance.

Customer & Technical Support

We're proud to offer USA customer service and technical support for BlindShell users.

Intuitive Functionality

Smart functionality with intuitive design allows users to quickly peform favorite tasks.

Lifetime Updates

We're constantly enhancing software features. BlindShell users receive free software updates.